Taxi catches fire and left 'totally burned out' while driving down Beaumont Hill

  • Watch an eyewitness video of the dramatic blaze on Beaumont Hill.

A taxi has caught fire on Beaumont Hill in Jersey, scorching part of the hillside and leaving black plumes of smoke visible across the island's south coast.

The fire was first reported at around 2:05pm on Thursday 20 July, with firefighters, an ambulance and police officers all on the scene a short time later.

It is understood the driver pulled into a layby when they became aware of an issue with the vehicle, with the fire later spreading to nearby bushes and scrubland.

The fire spread from the vehicle, scorching nearby ground and bushes. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A police spokesperson said despite the vehicle being "completely burned out", no one was injured.

The road was closed for a time between the Airport Roundabout and the cannon at the junction with Old Beaumont Hill.

The aftermath of the blaze saw the once-black car stripped of its paint. Credit: ITV Channel TV

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