Jersey resident invited to report from Kyiv's frontline for the United Nations

Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) is looking for a young person to spend two years working in Kyiv on the frontline for the United Nations (UN).

The Associate Reporting Officer position focuses on helping those displaced by Russia's invasion of Ukraine through briefings, reports and presentations to media, donors and other organisations.

The successful candidate will receive a high level of security training and likely be given the chance to leave Ukraine every few weeks to recover.

The person would usually be aged between 25 and 35 and needs a degree, plus some professional experience working in a relevant field such as journalism or law.

They should also be permanently entitled to live in Jersey.

"This programme allows us to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Ukraine whilst supporting islanders who want to establish a career in the humanitarian sector," International Development Minister, Deputy Carolyn Labey, explained.

JOA calls it a "unique opportunity" to assist with an ongoing humanitarian emergency and say it can open the door for an international career with the UN.

The USD$60,000 paid position closes for applications on Friday 11 August and more information can be found here.

This is the fourth role the JOA has offered since joining the UN's Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme in 2021.

Syrian refugees at a temporary camp in Lebanon. Credit: PA

Jersey's Johnny Rebours is currently working in Lebanon which is hosting around 850,000 registered refugees from Syria.

"Being a part of the team and supporting them to do their jobs better, and to see their satisfaction and productivity grow, has been the most rewarding part for me."

Meanwhile, Faye Coggins is based in Bangladesh at the largest refugee settlement in the world.

"Working in a field location has been a very rewarding, if sometimes a challenging experience, given the complexity and enormity of the refugee context in Bangladesh," she explained.

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