Passengers able to take up to two litres of liquids through Jersey Airport security

Electronics can be left in hand luggage and liquids up to two litres can be taken on board. Credit: Ports of Jersey

New security equipment installed at Jersey Airport will allow passengers to carry liquid containers up to two litres in their hand luggage.

Since 2006, bottles, gels and aerosols of more than 100ml had to be taken in hold luggage instead.

From Wednesday 26 July 2023, electronic devices like laptops and tablet computers can also be left inside bags rather than taken out at security - but passengers with more than one device are being advised to keep them separate.

The new baggage scanners were part of a £3 million investment by Ports of Jersey to upgrade the airport's infrastructure.

All airports in the British Isles are due to upgrade their screening equipment by June 2024, when new rules from the UK's Department for Transport come into effect.

Until then, passengers travelling through other airports are being reminded to check the requirements at any airport they are travelling to or through, as not all airports have the new security equipment in place.

Every airport in the British Isles will comply with the new rules by June 2024. Credit: ITV News

Jersey Airport's Head of Security, Maria Le Tiec, said: "We are pleased to have installed two of the three X-ray machines in time for the airport’s peak summer period.

"Work will continue to install the remaining X-ray machine, which should go live in mid-August. Full body scanners are scheduled for introduction by October 2023."

She added that signs will be put up around the terminal to let passengers know about the change in rules.

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