Faulty security scanner leads to delays for departing passengers at Jersey Airport

Passengers departing from Jersey Airport have faced long queues at security due to issues with one of the new scanners. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey Airport has apologised after queues built up at security due to a technical fault with one of its new scanners.

The equipment was brought into use yesterday (Wednesday 26 July), allowing electronic devices and liquid containers of up to two litres to be kept in hand luggage while being scanned.

But less than 24 hours later, issues with one of the new machines led to some passengers being directed to use the older X-ray machines, meaning they still had to comply with the previous 100ml restrictions on liquids.

An airport spokesperson said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused by a technical issue with one of the new X-ray machines.

"Specialist engineers from the company that installed the machines are on site and are due to complete repairs by the end of today."

They went on to say: "A queue did build up this morning and there were some delays to flights to allow passengers to clear security, but that has now cleared.

"We will retain the previous technology as a contingency to provide resilience while the new system beds in and passengers will be advised which X-ray machine to use, depending on what they are carrying in their hand luggage."

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