Artificial Intelligence will improve efficiency in the Channel Islands, according to local expert

ITV Channel's Iain McBride reports...

A cyber expert says Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers an exciting opportunity for the Channel Islands.

Jersey's Cyber Security Centre monitors the latest worldwide computer threats from hackers and criminals, and its director Matt Palmer insists there's nothing to fear.

It comes as the worldwide mood about the rise of AI grows increasingly uneasy.

Hollywood writers are currently striking over fears their jobs could be taken over by so-called Chatbots.

However Mr Palmer insists AI could provide the Channel Islands with a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of an emerging industry.

"There are lots of things Jersey is really good at - finance, law, technology, cyber," he said.

"What we can do with AI is bring all of that together and really help accelerate the economy.

"[AI] creates opportunity for new types of jobs, new types of services, better efficiency." However some industry experts are concerned about the fast development of the technology.

Uncertainty over the future is already affecting some people's mental health, with psychologist Dr. Christina Palmer saying: "It encompasses quite a broad range of different types of worries and fears."

She says some are worried about "how they're going to be personally affected by [AI] in terms of things like job losses or data security."

Hannah Smith, a local writer, says she stays up worrying about the future of her career due to technologies like ChatGPT.

"It's not as easy to get people to see the worth in what I do," she added. However, one expert believes the uneasiness surrounding the new technology has an important role to play.

Perspectives on AI are varied and its impact unquantifiable. Credit: ITV News Channel

Dr. Abdulrahman Altahhan says AI "will allow people to be proactive, aware and try to mitigate the impact.

"We can learn and harness the benefits of AI for our society."