JT to stop selling mobile phone credit in stores in favour of electronic top-ups

JT customers won't be able to top-up their phones in-store from 1 September. Credit: ITV Channel

JT customers won't be able to top up pay-as-you-go mobile phones by purchasing a voucher from a shop from next month.

The telecoms company says it is axing in-person top-ups from Friday 1 September 2023 in response to "customer trends".

Pay-as-you-go customers will be able to top up their credit online or by using an automated phone line instead.

Islanders have been reacting to the change on social media. One said the move was "dreadful" and that JT had shown "no thought for the elderly who depend on mobile phones for their own safety and to contact friends while out and about."

But others were more understanding, saying: "Probably 99% of people top-up electronically. Only 1% of people likely use shops. I worked in a local retailer selling top-ups and not one OAP bought credit for their mobile phone at the shop."

A company spokesperson said: "At JT, we are always looking for ways to make our services more convenient, this change is in response to customer trends which show that our customers are now less inclined to purchase a top-up voucher and prefer easy access, round-the-clock solutions.

"We are making it easier to top up pay-as-you-go credit 24/7 and on the go with both over-the-phone and online options.

"Whilst users will no longer be able to purchase PAYG vouchers in shops from 1 September, there are several alternative methods of buying credit, including via our JT top-up app, JT online top-up portal and soon, by calling a new, free, automated phone line, and topping up using your debit or credit card, from the comfort of your own home.  

JT says the new top-up line will start operating later this month, and any vouchers purchased before September will remain valid for three months after they were purchased.

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