Cinema staff call for 'chocolate drink-throwing' culprit to come forward

Outside the Mallard Cinema in Guernsey
Cinema staff have urged the culprit to come forward and prevent the situation "escalating" further Credit: ITV Channel

Staff at Guernsey's Mallard Cinema have turned to social media to try and track down a customer who "saw fit to throw a chocolate drink across the screen".

Posting on Facebook, the cinema has asked that the culprit come forward and prevent the situation from "escalating".

It is understood that there has been significant damage to the screen in one of the auditoriums, which is expected to be costly to repair.

In response to the news, islanders on social media are recounting their own experiences of anti-social behaviour in the cinema.

One islander called it "disgraceful behaviour", adding people needed to look after their cinema better.

Another asked if the culprit would have been captured on CCTV at the cinema, while another called for the local cinema staff to report the incident to Guernsey Police.

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