Letters to Heaven: Crematorium staff re-use old post box to help people deal with grief

The former Jersey Post box has been re-painted and installed outside the island's crematorium to help people in mourning. Credit: Government of Jersey

An old Jersey post box has been repurposed by crematorium staff to help people dealing with grief.

Islanders can use the letterbox to write messages to loved ones who have died in a bid to provide closure and help them cope with their loss.

Similar post boxes have been installed across the UK, including in Nottinghamshire after nine-year-old Matilda Handy wanted to send letters to her grandparents who had passed away.

Malcolm Ferey, Jersey's Assistant Health Minister, said: "Grief for some people can last many years - for some people a whole lifetime.

"But for some people, they can just want to mark a special occasion, like birthdays or Christmas, Father's Day or Mother's Day.

"That way, they can put those thoughts and feelings down on paper and let them go, by posting them in a postbox to heaven".

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