Marine experts say Jersey sea bass numbers are making a 'slow but important' recovery

After measures were introduced in 2017 to limit catches, sea bass are increasingly being sighted in Jersey waters. Credit: PA

Sea bass numbers in Jersey waters appear to be making a steady recovery, according to local fishermen.

In 2017, the species' population dropped to dangerously low levels, leading to regulations being brought in banning recreational fishermen from taking bass from the sea.

Since then, fishermen have reported more sightings of the species, which is thought to have been linked to the restrictions being imposed.

Marine researcher Chris Isaacs told ITV News: "Reports from fisherman, and sightings by myself and others, does suggest there is an increase in smaller bass probably in the last two or three years.

"There still seems to be a shortage of larger fish, which would be expected in the early stages of recovery as they haven't grown big enough yet.

"The amount of fish that are big enough to breed are still too few to maintain a stable population".

Chris did say that the increase is predicted to slow in the next few years, and therefore we could still see "significant bass restrictions for quite a few years to come".

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