Guernsey Water under investigation after reservoir CCTV footage leaked online

Guernsey's water supplier is being investigated after CCTV footage from St Saviour's reservoir being leaked online. Credit: PA / ITV Channel

Guernsey Water has referred itself to the police and data protection authority after recordings from the company's CCTV cameras were leaked on social media.

The widely-shared footage includes videos of two people having sex at the reservoir in St Saviour and a van crashing through a nearby gate.

The government-owned utility company is currently conducting an internal investigation into the breaches, promising to "strengthen" its data protection policies and ensure they are better communicated to staff.

In a statement, Guernsey Water's Managing Director Steve Langlois said: "We have CCTV at our various operational sites for very valid and important reasons, not least security.

"As far as the footage is concerned, we take our responsibilities very seriously, hence the reason for launching our internal investigation."

He added that the company will continue to cooperate with the relevant authorities carrying out their investigations.

While police officers have spoken with officials from Guernsey Water, a spokesperson for the force told ITV News the incident isn't currently the subject of a criminal investigation.

The island's data protection watchdog, the ODPA, confirmed it was aware of the breach: "Guernsey Water submitted a personal data breach report to us on 14 August, in accordance with the requirements of section 42 of The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017.

"We are awaiting an update from Guernsey Water on their internal assessment of the breach and are unable to make any further comments at this stage."

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