Jersey flights delayed or cancelled more frequently than before the pandemic

New figures show Jersey Airport flights are being delayed or cancelled more often now than they were pre-pandemic. Credit: ITV Channel

Bosses at Jersey Airport have apologised and pledged things will turn around after new figures revealed more flights are being delayed or cancelled now than they were before the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2019, between April and June, nearly 80% of flights arrived and departed on time.

Four years on, that number dropped by 10% in the same period in 2023.

A shortage of ground staff has been cited as the main reason for avoidable flight disruptions.

Robin MacRae, director at Jersey Airport said: "We have had some challenges, in particular with ground handling here, in terms of our resources.

"That's obviously had an impact in terms of being able to turn the aircraft around.

"We've been supporting Swissport and we're confident now that we are in a much better place in regards to making sure things are going in the right direction."

Travel expert Simon Calder said the lingering effect of the Covid-19 pandemic could be playing a part.

Globally, airline revenues plummeted by around 55% leading to significant staff cuts or some airlines - like Flybe - collapsing altogether.

Mr Calder explained: "People who've been working in aviation for decades perhaps just found jobs outside the industry which means that really since the brakes came off 18 months ago - now, the aviation industry has been struggling to catch up."

  • Simon Calder spoke to ITV Channel about the factors leading to an increase in delayed flights.

Meanwhile, Guernsey Airport has seen a drop in the number of flights delayed, but the logistical pressures there are different.

Colin Le Ray, from Guernsey Ports, said: "It is definitely the case if you have fewer aircraft and if you have fewer passengers travelling on those aircraft - it's going to be quicker to unload them, it's going to be quicker to process them through security.

"There are so many variables that affect the performance of aircraft coming in and an aircraft going out."

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