Plans to rename Halkett Street scrapped by St Helier Constable

The street will continue to be known as Halkett Street. Credit: ITV Channel

Plans to rename Halkett Street in St Helier have been scrapped by the parish's Constable.

The St Helier street was set to be renamed Rue Ivy Forster, after the island's first female politician.

The parish assembly were set to debate the renaming proposal on 30 August.

The Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, said he had received concerns from a number of retailers in the area, as well as recognizing a general lack of public support for the name change.

Constable Crowcroft said: "We had thought that the refurbishment of Halkett Street would be an ideal opportunity to rebrand this important part of the town centre whilst also removing any confusion between Halkett Place and Halkett Street.

"However, I recognise that there is little support for a name change at the moment, and the refurbishment of Halkett Street is too important a project for it to be sidetracked by the renaming proposal."

The renaming of Halkett Street was originally proposed to mark the centenary of women having the right to vote in Jersey.

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