Gates to Candie Gardens to close at night to protect artwork at Guernsey Museum

Police dogs will be trained in the park in the evenings while it's inaccessible to the public. Credit: ITV Channel

The gates to Candie Gardens will soon be closing each night to protect the artwork on display at a new Renoir exhibition being held at Guernsey Museum.

This change will continue until the showcase concludes on 17 December - it begins on 30 September.

The police will use this opportunity to exercise their dogs in the park later in the evenings.

However, the public is assured this will only happen after the gates are closed each night.

The new exhibition marks the 140th anniversary of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's stay in Guernsey in 1883.

It reflects on the inspiration he found on the island, with organisers saying it's more than just an art showcase but also a celebration of the "island's rich cultural heritage".

David Ummels, Founder of Art for Guernsey, says Renoir's stay in Guernsey evoked a fascination with the way light interacts with the natural environment.

He added: "'Renoir in Guernsey, 1883' represents tens of thousands of hours put together by the various teams, over almost a four year long journey".

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