Jersey bird flu restrictions lifted but owners urged to keep biosecurity rules

Owners are being urged to maintain good hygiene rules and to report any signs of bird flu. Credit: ITV Channel

Bird keepers in Jersey no longer need to keep their flocks housed away from wild birds and vermin.

Protection and surveillance zones were brought in on Wednesday 19 July following cases of bird flu in St Martin where several chickens died.

No further cases have been detected, but while the legal restrictions have now ended officials are still urging owners to be cautious.

In a statement, Jersey's government said: "The Animal Health and Welfare team still encourage bird keepers to separate their flocks from wild birds wherever possible and to maintain high levels of biosecurity."

Those measures include using disinfectant foot baths and keeping food and water sources covered so they cannot be easily accessed by other animals.

To report signs of bird flu, call 01534 441600 or email

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