GCSE results: Channel Islands students outperform England national average

GCSE students in the Channel Islands have received better results overall than students in England this year.

A larger proportion received a passing grade of a 4 or above (equivalent to a C) with 73.7% of students in Jersey and 73.9% of students in the Bailiwick of Guernsey achieving this, compared with 67.8% of students in England.

This year saw an effort to return to pre-pandemic grading levels in 2019, leading to a slight fall in the proportion of top GCSCE grades awarded nationwide compared to last year.

COVID-19 led to an increase in top grades being awarded UK-wide in 2020 and 2021, with teacher-based assessments replacing exams.

The percentage of Channel island students who achieved a passing grade outperformed the average set in England

Sue Morris, who is headteacher of Grainville School in Jersey, said she felt that this cohort of pupils were faced with a tougher challenge than previous year groups.

She said: "We're going back to 2019 grading but pre-2019 was pre-Covid.

"Children haven't had the experiences that they used to have in education so I do feel they've been disadvantaged."

Verona Tomlin, Principal of La Mare de Carteret High School in Guernsey said she felt it had been an "uphill battle" this year, but that "students had worked really hard".

She told ITV News: "The vast majority of students have got the results that we had predicted for them. Obviously, we've got students who might be disappointed, but we've got college of FE (further education), we've got career services here, and the results don't define them."

Jersey's Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Inna Gardiner, added: "Today marks the end of one phase of our young people's education, but for many it's also the start of exciting new opportunities, whether that be moving on to further study or starting an apprenticeship."

Meanwhile, Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, President of Guernsey's Committee for Education, said: "Recent years have not been the easiest for students preparing for exams, however this cohort have once again persevered and have a set of results they, and their parents and carers, can be very proud of."

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