P&R committee proposes states invest in property site to address 'critical' housing problem

It is hoped that investment in Leale's yard will help facilitate the regeneration of the surrounding Bridge area Credit: ITV Channel

Guernsey's policy and resources committee are proposing that the states buy a series of new housing developments in Leale's yard this December to help address the "critical" issue of housing supply and affordability in the island.

In their recently published government work plan, P&R had recommended that the site be a priority for states funding.

It also suggested that the regeneration of the surrounding bridge area would be key in providing new homes.

In a statement, the President of the committee, Peter Ferbrache, said that the developments in Leale's yard would be "ready for occupancy" upon purchase and provide a revenue stream for the states.

He said that the committee wanted to "do all it reasonably can to support this troubled site deliver it's potential" and this would likely include "upfront investment" such as "critical infrastructure like flood defences".

He added that they must explore "every possible route" when it comes to addressing the housing crisis, "especially the availability of key worker homes given the exorbitant cost of agency staff in the health and care sector".

A decision from the States on whether to buy the housing developments at Leale's yard is not expected until at least December.

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