Flight disruption continues in Jersey and Guernsey after UK air traffic control fault

Hundreds of passengers across the Channel Islands are facing continued disruption after a technical problem grounded most commercial aircraft across the UK on Bank Holiday Monday (28 August).

An issue with the British Air Traffic Control system caused dozens of flight delays and cancellations to and from both Bailiwicks.

The fault was fixed on Monday afternoon but its knock-on effect is still being felt as airlines try to rebook passengers from cancelled flights and minimise delays to future services.

Airports are warning of further delays throughout the rest of the week in what is being described as the worst disruption of its kind "in nearly a decade".

On Monday night, Heathrow Airport advised passengers to check with their airline before going travelling on Tuesday.

In a statement, it said: "We apologise for any inconvenience as a result of the technical issues today. The issue has been resolved, however, schedules remain significantly disrupted."

People reported further delays in the islands' airports on Tuesday morning, with queues for security running the length of Jersey's departures terminal.

Airlines in the Channel Islands have issued similar statements, encouraging passengers to get in touch with them for any updates.

In a statement on Tuesday, Guernsey flag carrier Aurigny said their priority is to "rebook the 1500 or so passengers that were due to fly with us yesterday" and that it will "take some time to support" the high number of customers.

Ports of Jersey also recommends that all passengers follow the latest information from their airline, including when to check in for their flight.

Jersey Airport Director Robin MacRae explained: "We were able to keep the airport open late on Monday evening to allow for an incoming Luton flight to arrive at 11pm and turn around again with departing passengers."

More than 20,000 people were expected to travel through Jersey Airport over the Bank Holiday weekend.

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