Guernsey Ports significantly increase mooring costs for vessels to balance books

Guernsey Ports say the current charges are unsustainable. Credit: ITV Channel

Mooring costs are set to rise significantly in Guernsey over the next three years.

Owners of the largest vessels will see the annual price of a berth within marinas increase by almost £5,000 by 2026, nearly double the current amount.

Small boats will see the lowest hike of 50% across the same period, still adding around £500 to their yearly bill.

A chart showing the increasing cost of berths in Guernsey Marinas. A small boat berth will see an increase of £498 a year by 2026. Credit: Guernsey Harbours

Guernsey Ports has defended the new tariffs, saying that the current pressures on public finances mean the existing charges are unsustainable as they try to become self-sufficient from taxpayer funding.

It adds that Covid is having a lasting financial impact with passenger numbers at the harbours and airports still around 15% below pre-pandemic levels.

Commercial passenger, ship and aircraft fees generate two-thirds of the Ports' income.

A package of changes including the increased mooring charges are expected to bring in an extra £8 million a year from 2026.

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