Jersey's government signs £450,000 security contract for Haut du Mont explosion site

The Haut du Mont explosion site on Pier Road in St Helier remains cordoned off. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's government is spending more than £450,000 on round-the-clock security at the Haut du Mont explosion site.

An ITV News Freedom of Information request revealed the contract with private firm G4S is in place for 12 months, although this could be extended depending on circumstances.

Ten people died in the explosion that happened just before 4am on Saturday 10 December and investigations are ongoing.

Jersey Police finished gathering evidence and released the site to the government back in March but the area on Pier Road in St Helier remains cordoned off.

In April, Ministers announced two buildings that were severely damaged in the incident would be demolished.

Three men arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter as part of the investigation into what happened were released on bail as enquiries continue.

Deputy Chief Minister and Chair of the Political Oversight Group for the Major Incidents, Deputy Kirsten Morel, said the cordon in Pier Road remains in place as part of "ongoing recovery work".

"Privacy surrounding the buildings is important out of respect for the bereaved, their families, displaced residents, and other Islanders who have been heavily impacted by the tragedy."

He added that "The two damaged blocks remain in an unstable condition and would be a potential risk to traffic or pedestrians in their current state. There is also a requirement to maintain the security of the site."

He said that more information about the area will be shared as "plans are developed, which will only be further advanced and then ultimately concluded after discussion with bereaved families and displaced residents".

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