'We cannot overstate the hurt and distress': Family criticise investigation into son's death

  • The family of Chris Fisher, 31, has spoken out about Jersey Police's investigation into his death.

The father of a man who was killed in a road accident in Jersey has strongly criticised the initial police investigation into his death.

Chris Fisher, 31, died when his Nissan Skyline sports car crashed into a tree in St Ouen in February 2021.

He had only picked up the imported car from the harbour that lunchtime and had been wanting this type of vehicle for 10 years.

Chris Fisher, 31, died after his car came off the road and hit a tree in St Ouen in February 2021. Credit: States of Jersey Police

The inquest heard it was a "tragic accident" that happened when he lost control while overtaking another car and returning to his own carriageway.

The police investigation concluded that he had been travelling at between 40mph and 50mph in a 40mph zone but the coroner said "it didn't appear his driving was terribly untoward".

Afterwards, his father said they had had a number of concerns about the Jersey Police investigation and what they were told at first about Chris's death.

Stephen Fisher told ITV News he "cannot overstate the level of hurt and distress" caused by some aspects of the investigation by the States of Jersey Police.

He continued: "The initial version of events that was described to us by the Family Liaison Officer in the days following the crash was horrific.

"We were left with the belief that there was another person involved in the accident, that the other person had left the scene without calling for emergency assistance and that there was a consequential delay in calling for emergency assistance which might have been the difference between Chris living or dying and that he was left to die alone.

"We were also told that criminal proceedings may follow. It turned out that none of this was true."

The crash happened on La Grande Route de St Ouen on Thursday 11 February 2021. Credit: ITV Channel

In response, Jersey Police issued a statement: "We acknowledge and entirely accept the concerns of Chris’ family and have met with them to understand this in greater detail and to better appreciate exactly how this has impacted on the family.

"We apologise for the occasions on which our communications have unintentionally caused upset and we are working hard to ensure that this is not repeated in the future."

The force continued: "As part of this improvement, our Roads Policing Senior Investigating Officers have recently received updated College of Policing-approved training with input from a UK expert.

"We have also updated our local policy and procedures for Roads Crash Investigation, focussing in particular, on the requirement for early, comprehensive and regular family engagement and briefing, coupled with an additional Senior Officer review function to support the SIO where necessary and appropriate."

Jersey Police concluded: "We are confident that this enhanced training and policy review will positively support all aspects of such future investigations. Our condolences are again extended to Chris’ family."

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