Sark by-election: Islanders go to the polls to elect three Conseillers to Chief Pleas

Although part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Sark residents can elect 18 Conseillers to the island's parliament - Chief Pleas. Credit: ITV Channel

Islanders in Sark are able to vote in the first contested election for five years today (7 September).

A by-election is taking place to recruit three Conseillers to Chief Pleas - the island's parliament.

At full capacity, Chief Pleas is made up of 18 Conseillers who represent the island for a fixed term.

Christopher Bateson, Rosemary Couldridge, Benjamin Harris and James Martin are all hoping to fill the vacant seats.

The two candidates who receive the most votes will serve until January 2027, with the candidate who finishes third in the polls serving until January 2025.

The polls will be open from 10am-6pm at the Toplis Room in the Island Hall, with votes being counted from 7pm tonight.

Sark's returning officer, Paul Armorgie, said the results are expected to be declared at around 10pm.

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