Sark Election results: Rosemary Couldridge tops polls and James Martin misses out

206 people voted, representing a turnout of 61.3% Credit: ITV Channel

Rosemary Couldridge received the most votes in Sark's first election in five years on Thursday.

She won 143 votes, just three more than second-placed Benjamin Harris - Christopher Bateson came third with 138 votes.

All three will now become Conseillers for the Chief Pleas - the island's parliament.

James Martin, with 126 votes, missed out on being elected.

206 people voted, representing a turnout of 61.3%.

Couldridge and Harris will serve until January 2027, with Bateson serving until January 2025.

The results in full:

  • 1st - Rosemary Couldridge - 143 votes

  • 2nd - Benjamin Harris - 140 votes

  • 3rd - Christopher Bateson - 138 votes

  • Unsuccessful - James Martin - 126 votes

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