Guernsey's largest Asian hornet nest found in tree near La Vallette

Crane capturing hornet nest.
The nest was found at La Vallette, near the bathing pools. Credit: Guernsey Asian Hornet Team

Guernsey has recorded its largest-ever Asian hornet nest.

A cherry-picker had to be called in to allow experts to reach it, since the nest was tracked to a tall oak tree at La Vallette.

Roads and paths were closed as the site is near the bathing pools.

The nest has since been bagged for extermination, and experts say it could be up to 24 inches wide.

The exact measurement cannot be known until the nest is safely cleared of insects.

The operation was carried out by the Guernsey Asian Hornet Team, Guernsey Fire Rescue Service (GFRS) and Civil Protection Volunteers.

If an Asian hornet is spotted, islanders in Guernsey are urged to take a picture and note which way it travels - not to kill it.

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