Single-use vapes set to be removed from sale as Jersey's government considers ban

Ministers are considering removing single-use vapes from sale, but there is currently no timescale for the ban coming into force. Credit: Iama_sing / Adobe Stock

Disposable vapes are set to be banned in Jersey, with government ministers citing the health and environmental damage they cause.

Deputies Tom Binet and Jonathan Renouf - the island's Infrastructure and Environment Ministers - are considering extending the single-use plastics law which previously led to single-use shopping bags being removed from sale in July 2022.

Jersey's government says millions of disposable vapes are thrown away each week across the British Isles, made up of a mixture of plastics, electronics and liquid containers that make them difficult to recycle.

In a statement, the ministers said: "Although the separated parts can be recycled, it is a time-consuming, manual process.

"They can cause fires in bin lorries or at the Energy Recovery Facility if not disposed of correctly, especially if damaged."

Single-use vapes are already banned in Germany, Australia and New Zealand, with France and Scotland considering following suit.

There is currently no timescale for Jersey's ban coming into force, as it will still have to go through a "consultation with stakeholders" before it is introduced.

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