Stowaway gecko travels 2,200km hidden in Guernsey couple's suitcase

'Larry' the gecko climbed inside the suitcase of a Guernsey couple who had been on holiday in Madeira Credit: ITV Channel

A Guernsey couple returning home from their holiday in Madeira were in for a surprise when they discovered a gutsy gecko had hitched a ride in their suitcase.

The lively lizard sprang from their luggage as they started to unpack and made a bid for freedom, running across their bed.

The gecko has been named "Larry" by the team at the GSPCA who are currently looking after him.

The animal charity's manager, Steve Byrne, explained: "The finder posted a note when they found the lizard which said 'Look who snuck into our case and nearly gave me a heart attack when I unpacked! He ran across the bed and I screamed!'"

Mr Byrne added that the lizard is currently in quarantine at the Animals Shelter and, if found to be healthy we will look to find him a home.”

Larry is just one of a number of exotic animals to have been found in Guernsey after having stowed away in people's luggage.

Earlier this year, two snakes made the trip to the Channel Island - one from Mexico and the other from Spain.

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