Pride of Britain: Sha Khan shortlisted as 2023 Channel Islands Fundraiser of the Year

Sha Khan from Jersey has been nominated for an ITV Channel Pride of Britain award.

After a genetic condition caused him to lose 90% of his sight in just a matter of weeks in 2021, he turned to exercise to improve his mental health.

Ever since, he's been hooked - in particular, he enjoys the weekly ritual of going to Parkrun in Les Quennevais.

Sha particularly enjoys going to Parkrun every Saturday in Les Quennevais. Credit: ITV Channel

Earlier this year, Sha set himself the challenge of doing the London Landmarks Half Marathon in London.

He completed the race in aid of Guide Dogs, raising nearly £6,000 in total.

Chairman of Jersey Guide Dogs says this will make an "enormous difference to fundraising in a small place like Jersey".

Sha enjoys building a trusting relationship with his guide runners. Credit: ITV Channel

But Sha's main focus is to encourage others to enjoy the benefits of exercise, which he found so helpful for his mental health when his sight deteriorated two years ago.

He says: "I could scream as loud as I can for sport, for people being active. We've always heard that saying that it takes a village to raise a child.

"Metaphorically speaking, I'm the child of Parkrun. When I started Parkrun, I learned how to walk. They taught me how to run".

Sha's family say he's vocal about the benefits of exercise because he wants others to enjoy it. Credit: ITV Channel

Sha's enthusiasm is rubbing off on those around him - his wife, Rae, says she's witnessed a majorly positive change in her husband.

She says: "If you'd said three years ago he'd be a runner, I wouldn't have believed you. I could barely get him to go for a walk with me.

"It's never been about him. He's benefitted from the running, but because he's benefitted, he wants to take everyone along with him on that journey".

Sha will run the Jersey Marathon in October. Credit: ITV Channel

Sha is so thankful to his guide runners who help him every week.

Among those is Natalie Dale, who shares his view on exercise.

She says: "All the endorphins you get from it. It's just such a great thing. We were literally laughing and joking the whole way around. It's so powerful".

It's the friendship and camaraderie that sport offers which Sha finds so special.

He says: "Where we find ourselves sometimes in life we question. When I look at what happened to me and where I am today, it sort of makes sense that I ended up in Jersey and how lucky I was for that.

"On this little island we have such a close knit community and people are so caring. I say it so many times but my response to what's happened to me might have been completely different had I not been in Jersey."

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