Rob Mason wins Pride of Britain fundraiser award in the Channel Islands

  • Rory O'Regan surprises Rob Mason in Jersey with the news he had won the Pride of Britain regional award for the Channel Islands.

Rob Mason from Jersey has won this year's ITV Channel Pride of Britain award.

Organised with the help of his family and friends, ITV News surprised Rob in Parade Gardens with the news he had won the prize.

On receiving the award, he said he was "humbled" and "grateful for the platform" to continue sharing his story.

Rob lost his daughter Kezia to suicide last year - ever since, he's spreading awareness about youth mental health.

He also set up a fund in his daughter's name which, as of July this year, had donated nearly £110,000 to charities that focus on young people and mental health.

  • Serena Kersten explains why she thought Rob was a worthy winner.

The decision was made by a panel of judges, including former England netball star, Serena Kersten.

She says Rob is on "another level" because of his determination to share his story in the hope that it will help other young people with their mental health.

His actions, she says, are "touching so many lives" and will continue to have a lasting impact in Jersey.

  • Serena says the nominees this year were an "inspirational group of people".

After hearing each nominee's story, Serena Kersten says she was "humbled" by their actions.

She called them an "inspirational group of people" who had been able to bring positivity to the people and communities around them.

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