Period product dispensers installed in Jersey public toilets

Period product dispensers have been installed in 20 public toilets around Jersey Credit: ITV Channel

Dispensers containing free period products have been installed in 20 public toilets around Jersey.

The expanded list of 32 pick-up locations was previously published on the government's website in error, causing some confusion for women who went to use them.

On Monday 18 September, Jersey's government confirmed sanitary product dispensers have now been installed. The full list can be found on

The new pick-up points include both female and male public toilets, which Jersey's government says will ensure everyone has access to the products who need them.

Deputy Elaine Millar, Jersey's Social Security Minister, said: "It is important that we have new locations across the island to give people more options to access the products they need...

"The pilot scheme has been very useful to help us understand what’s working well and what could be improved. This valuable insight is helping us to plan the rollout of the full scheme next year."

The scheme is intended to tackle period poverty and ensure anyone who needs sanitary products can afford them.

It move comes after politicians voted 25-21 in favour of keeping the island's 5% sales tax, GST, on period products.

Campaigners have called on the government to ensure that the open dispensers are kept well-stocked.

Emily Smith said: "If [Jersey's government] are going to commit to providing free period products then there needs to be some":

The government says sports centres, libraries, and public toilets will be restocked daily, while supplies within official buildings will be replenished Monday-Friday, and those in Youth Service venues will be restocked during opening hours.

Locations without any stock can be reported by emailing

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