Planning application submitted for Guernsey's 'largest ever' solar farm

The company behind the project says that on completion the farm will meet a significant portion of the island's energy needs Credit: PA

Plans have been submitted to build a solar farm on Guernsey that if completed would be the "largest ever seen" in the Bailiwick.

The Les Abreuveurs Solar Farm Project is being proposed by the energy supplier Rubis which is looking to build on the site formerly occupied by Fresh Guernsey Herbs.

The proposals come amid a new electricity strategy debated in the States which aims to bring about a transition towards renewable energy sources.

Rubis said they were "committed to supporting Guernsey's ambitious energy goals" and that the project "aligns perfectly" with the goals of the strategy.

The company explained that the solar farm would supply at peak 2.95 megawatts of electricity - over half of the 5MW target that the States' has set itself to produce by 2025.

Rubis added that the project would "contribute the majority of this requirement, enabling the deployment of additional distributed arrays across the island while minimising localised impact on the grid".

The plans submitted for the project will be reviewed at a later date.

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