New video shows £100 million plans for new post-16 education campus at Les Ozouets

The post-16 campus is expected to cost up to £100 million to build - with a decision on funding expected in October. Credit: Design Engine Architects

Guernsey's Education Committee has released a virtual tour of plans for a new post-16 campus at Les Ozouets.

The site would be a £100 million investment in post-16 education, but it all depends upon the States agreeing to offer financial support.

A decision is expected in October when politicians debate the Funding and Investment Plan.

Education Committee President, Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, says the proposals address "more than a decade of uncertainty about the model of secondary and post-16 education".

She explained: "We are simply running out of buildings that can reasonably continue to be used for teaching and learning," she added.

"We need to get on with the long overdue investment in post-16 education."

If approved, it is hoped the facilities will also improve sports provision in Guernsey with the chance to offer relevant on-island degrees and host a wider variety of professional fixtures.

However, Guernsey is facing a substantial black hole in its public finances and some say projects may have to be cut after all plans to reform the island's tax system were rejected earlier this year.

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