Motorists to pay more to park at Guernsey Airport from October 2023

Airport bosses hope changes to parking fees will free up spaces for longer stays Credit: ITV Channel

Motorists parking at Guernsey Airport will be charged more from next month, as authorities look to reduce the ports' reliance on States funding.

Guernsey Ports says it is hoping to raise more than £1 million in 2024 by increasing parking fees and making more spaces available during busy periods.

Currently, around three quarters of vehicles which park at the airport stay for less than an hour, meaning they do not incur any charges.

But, from Sunday 1 October, free parking will only apply for stays up to 30 minutes, with a £2 charge introduced for stays of up to an hour.

The new airport parking charges come into effect from Sunday 1 October Credit: Guernsey Ports

Airport bosses hope the move will encourage shorter, unpaid stays in the car park, freeing up spaces for paying customers to stay for longer.

James Underwood from Guernsey Ports says there is an opportunity to make more out of the airport facilities: "Car parks are a significant income-generating asset at airports across the UK...

"Freeing up spaces for longer stays will make it easier for travellers to plan their transport to and from the airport, giving travellers confidence that we have parking available to them at peak times."

He added that money raised by the parking changes will help to address the States of Guernsey's current financial woes while reducing the amount that would need to be raised elsewhere.

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