'Jersey's loneliest dog' has finally been rehomed and now enjoys beach life

Smiley Riley on a boat
"Smiley Riley" is now living in style. Credit: JSPCA

"Jersey's loneliest dog" has finally been rehomed after spending 10 months at the JSPCA.

Riley, an 8 year-old German Spritz, is better know by his nickname "Smiley Riley".

ITV Channel met Riley in May, where he boasted an impressive bark despite his size.

"Smiley Riley" is around 50 in dog years. Credit: ITV Channel

After being adopted last month, Riley has now had time to settle in with his new owners. Indeed, it seems he is now living in style - pictured basking in the sun aboard a boat.

The JSPCA's Communications and Fundraising Manager, Emma Duncan, said: "We’re thrilled that Smiley Riley has been adopted and seems to be loving life on the beach!"

Emma said she hoped the same could happen for Daisy - a French Bulldog who is also looking for a home.

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