Head of Channel Islands' supermarket criticises Jersey's government over period products

The head of a major Channel Islands' supermarket chain believes Jersey government's free period product scheme is not working and has offered to help.

Mark Cox, CEO of Channel Islands' Co-op, took to social media to voice his concerns.

The free scheme gives people free sanitary products and was expanded on Monday 18 September to 30 public toilets.

However, since it was introduced, islanders have taken to social media to complain that the dispensers are often left empty.

Islanders have taken to social media to show the empty dispensers Credit: ITV Channel

The government says that the toilets are checked and filled up with new produces up to twice a day.

Women's health expert, Trudi Roscouet, believes people should not be having to search around for these products when they need them.

"If the government are going to issue a scheme which is going to be funded by the government, with public money, which seems to be in everybody's favour, then that demand and supply scale must be fulfilled," she said.

Trudi does not want to see women caught out if they suddenly get their period. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's Social Security Minister, Deputy Elaine Millar, though believes the scheme is working and that is why there are no products.

"I'd be delighted to talk to the Co-Op to see how they can help," Deputy Millar said.

Deputy Millar says the scheme has so far been a success. Credit: ITV Channel

"But I don't agree with them that the scheme is not working because we now have over 30 locations where we have products.

"Women are accessing them as a matter of fact, and that's why stocks are exhausted from time to time but we are working hard to make sure that stocks are there."

A full list of the free period products are on the government's website.

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