Chocolates laced with Class A hallucinogenic drugs seized in Jersey

The 'Magic Dinosaurs' were found to have been laced with Class A hallucinogenic drugs Credit: Government of Jersey

Chocolates laced with Class A drugs have been seized by customs officers in Jersey.

The laced chocolates branded as 'Magic Dinosaurs' were each found to contain 50 grams of the hallucinogens Psilocin and Psilocybin and were packaged in brightly coloured wrapping.

The sweets appeared to be an 'off-the-shelf' commercial product which made no reference to the drugs they contained.

Luke Goddard from the island's Customs and Immigration Service said: “This is the first seizure of this type we have made.

"It raises real concerns that they could be consumed by someone believing them to be normal sweets, unaware they contain a dangerous hallucinogenic."

The chocolates appeared to be a legitimate commercial product, with no reference to the Class A drugs they contained Credit: Government of Jersey

He added: "The brightly coloured packaging and the chocolates themselves being in the shape of dinosaurs will be particularly attractive to children."

The police are urging anyone in possession of the product or anything similar to hand them to authorities.

They have also said that anyone with information on drug smuggling can report it anonymously via 0800 735 5555.

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