Fans, players and other clubs react to Jersey Reds on the brink of administration

Fans, players and other clubs have been reacting to the shocking news that Jersey Reds has ceased trading Credit: ITV Channel

Supporters from around the world have been reacting to the shocking news of Jersey Reds' "inevitable" collapse into administration.

The championship title-holders revealed on Thursday 27 September that the club did not have enough money to pay its players and staff this month.

The island's sports minister, Deputy Lucy Stephenson, said she was "saddened" that even £370,000 in government grants was not enough to help the club find alternative funding.

Players, supporters and other clubs from around the world have shared their sympathies with the Reds, and criticised the RFU for allowing another side to go under.

The Reds' head coach, Rob Webber, said "It's been an honour to lead this group", alleging players weren't given the full picture of the club's financial situation.

He said: "We were led to believe we were in a position of strength... financially secure... building until the leagues restructured, then we'd make our move!

"Then we find out overnight that it's all been a lie? From champions to this... It's been an honour to lead this group."

Myles Landick, the former Reds player turned Jersey Reds Athletic head coach and groundsman at the Stade Santander International said: "As Thursdays go, it's been a tough one."

Some of the current Reds side have also spoken out about the news.

Second-row player John Hawkin and back-row player Alun Lawrence posted broken heart emojis when sharing the club's statement:

London Welsh RFC - which suffered a similar fate in 2016 - said: "This is sad to see, albeit no surprise with the cuts to funding.

"Hang in there, Jersey Reds! We hope that we have proven there is life after such an event!"

While Bedford Blues, one of the Reds' frequent opponents, said the entire "rugby family" has been impacted.

The club said: "Our thoughts [are] with the players, staff and supporters of Jersey Reds following this morning's news".

Celebrity chef Michel Roux said: "That's so sad. I was looking forward in hope to away days there. Stay strong guys."

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