Jersey Reds received £370,000 in government grants before ceasing trading

Deputy Lucy Stephenson says Jersey Reds received £370,000 over the last few months in a bid to save the club from collapse Credit: ITV Channel

Championship title-holders Jersey Reds received £370,000 in government grants over the last three months in a bid to avoid the club collapsing.

At 5:30pm on Wednesday 27 September, the club's directors made the decision to cease trading, saying conversations with potential new investors fell through.

Players, staff and supporters were informed the following morning, along with a warning that the club's September wage bill would not be paid.

Following the club's announcement that it may go into administration, Jersey's government has confirmed the Reds had been given two "short-term" grants to try and keep the club afloat.

The island's minister responsible for sport, Deputy Lucy Stephenson, said: “Like many, I am saddened by today's announcement from Jersey Reds, who have been a much-valued addition to island life.

“With the welfare of players, coaches and their families in mind, in the last three months, this government has twice given Jersey Reds short-term grants totalling £370,000 to provide them with the opportunity to try to find alternative funding sources.

"Sadly, their efforts have not been successful."

Jersey Reds won the RFU Championship after beating Apthill in April 2023. Credit: ITV Channel

Deputy Stephenson explained why no further financial support could be given: "[The] government could not commit further money at a time when there so many other demands on the public purse – including responding to the cost-of-living crisis – and in fairness to other sports and businesses in the island."

She added: "The Reds’ announcement shows how prudent it was for them to separate the professional and amateur arms of rugby.

"Participation in amateur rugby remains strong, and the minis, juniors, and parts of JRFC will continue to thrive.

"The government will work to ensure that any impact on the amateur game is minimised."

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