An independent relief fund has been set up for Jersey Reds employees

Fred Dimbleby reports on the Jersey Reds latest...

An independent relief fund has been set up for Jersey Reds employees.

It follows the announcement that the Championship Rugby Union winning side has ceased trading, with the livelihoods of both players and staff now lost.

The aim is to cover the cost of September's salaries. If there is extra leftover, it will be split equally between the staff.

Supporters had been calling on social media for ways to offer help - with the fund now set up by co-signatories Harvey Biljon (Director of Rugby) and Nicola Dando (Welfare Manager).

Harvey said: "There are players and coaches who have been been left in a dire financial position, unable to meet accommodation expenses or finance travel away from the island.

"There has been an incredible reaction from people in Jersey and further afield, showing how much Jersey Reds meant to so many people... the money raised will make a real difference".

The Chair of the rugby players association, Christian Day, has condemned the way in which players and staff at the club are now facing uncertainty about their livelihoods, saying "this isn't the way we should treat human beings".

He added that "players and staff have been left with their lives turned upside down overnight".

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