'This isn't the way we should treat human beings': RPA chair defends Jersey Reds

The Chair of the rugby players association, an organization which represents hundreds of professional players nationally, has spoke out in solidarity with members of the Jersey Reds after it was announced the club had ceased trading.

The Chair of the association, Christian Day, said news about the Jersey club's financial difficulties was "incredibly sad".

He also condemned the way in which players and staff at the club were now facing uncertainty about their livelihoods, saying "this isn't the way we should treat human beings".

He added that RPA staff and the Rugby Football Union (RFU) legal team had met with senior players in the team, adding that "We have offered to utilise our resources towards supporting those affected".

The chair went on to say that the club's woes were another example of "a failing of the current rugby eco-system" and that "players and staff have been left with their lives turned upside down overnight".

"These are talented people trying to forge their way in life, dependent on the club to pay their wages that they have earned and deserve. It is unacceptable that this has again happened with no prior notice to players".

Christian also pushed for a "better support system" for elite players in the game, saying that the RPA "has put forward a model of player support where all elite players can be represented and where their voices can be heard and listened to..."

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