Jersey dentist says 'quality of care detrimentally affected' by loss of mail plane service

A Jersey dentist says "quality of care" will be "detrimentally affected" as a result of parcels taking longer to arrive and leave the island.

Robert Howell says deliveries would previously take one to two days, and are now taking up to a week.

He told ITV Channel: "A complex denture might require six to eight returns so that extra postage is another two months on the provision of that service which is a problem, because in the meantime someone has to survive with their temporary situation."

Businesses are having to dispose of products because they arrive too late Credit: ITV Channel

He also administers aesthetics, such as Botox, and has already had to throw away shipments because they were delivered too late.

Botox has to be refrigerated and if there is a delay to the ferry service it can make the product unsafe to use.

Dr Alexa Kerr is the Medical Director at one beauty clinic and also had to put products in the bin.

Dr Kerr told ITV Channel: "I think everyone's struggling with getting deliveries quickly but for us really our cold chamber goods need to be here within 24 hours of being out of the fridge, otherwise we have to discard them."

Like other businesses on the island, they're now considering flying to the UK themselves to collect the goods and bring them back.

The mail plane offered a one to two day service, now it can take up to a week Credit: ITV Channel

In response to the concerns, Jersey Post said: "We appreciate that for some businesses, the decision by Royal Mail to withdraw the daily air freight service has caused difficulties.

"Our focus is on finding solutions that are sustainable and realistic, and while there will be some short-term pain, we are confident we will achieve solutions in the longer term."

However Jersey's Economic Development Minister, Deputy Kirsten Morel, believes more conversations need to happen between himself and Jersey Post.

She said: "For me the work is not finished for Jersey Post and they really need to continue looking for that solution, because dental care, that's a real concern, that's a medical matter and so if people are having problems in that area this isn't just a business, this is a health issue."

The mail plane was scrapped two months ago meaning all mail and most parcels are brought to the island by the Commodore Clipper.

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