Jersey Reds fans gather in Royal square as ministers debate the club's future

Fans of the financially endangered club gathered to lobby states members who are debating funding for it Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey Reds fans gathered in the Royal Square today to lobby States Members who are debating whether to give the club more taxpayer money. Deputy Lyndon Farnham is asking the government to bail the side out so it can survive but some ministers are pushing back, having already given them more than £370,000.

Negotiations to save the club have been ongoing after it ceased trading last week.

One fan, Mark Fletcher, said that although the government was often pushing for people to be more active, they didn't do enough to support activities in the island.

"They're closing down Fort Regent, they don't support other sporting activities" he said.

Lucy Stephenson, Jersey's Sports Minister, said that the decision to cease support for the club had not been "taken lightly" .

"We concluded it was not a viable way forward and there would be no more government support and we stand by that decision".

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