Politicians vote down proposal to use taxpayer money to bail out Jersey Reds

A view of a scrum at the Stade Santander.
A request for more tax payer money to save the collapsed club was voted down by Deputies Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey politicians say they will not be giving more taxpayer money to bail out the Jersey Reds, after a debate was held in the States today on the club's future.

A proposition had been put forward by Deputy Lyndon Farnham to provide the club with last minute funding and save it from collapse.

The States voted down the proposal with 13 Deputies voting for it and 30 against with one abstention.

One of the conditions for the release of funds was that the club submit a sustainable business plan for the future.

One Deputy, David Warr, compared the government backing the Reds to them being like a "bank" in a casino game, effectively describing it as a gamble.

In a statement the Jersey Reds said their organisation's accounts had been "consistently and openly shared" with the government "ahead of them granting any tax deferrals, loans, or grants".

It also said that it was "untrue" that they had rejected offers to meet with Sports Minister Deputy Lucy Stephenson.

"The last meeting we had with her was in November 2022." read the statement.

"We have received no requests to meet with her since then".

Negotiations have been ongoing to try and save Jersey Reds after they ceased trading last week.

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