Woodlands Farm given 59 Jersey cows to help replenish herd after more than 100 died

Charity trustees with farmer Charlie Le Boutillier and Phil Le Maistre from the Jersey Milk Marketing Board Credit: Howard Davis Farm Trust

A Jersey dairy farm which lost more than 100 cows has been given dozens more to help replenish its herd.

Woodlands Farm in St Helier suffered a devastating loss in December 2022 when its cows died and a million litres of milk had to be disposed of as a precaution.

Jersey's Chief Vet said the animals likely died from botulism.

Since the tragic loss, the family-run farm has been given 59 cows by the Howard Davis Farm Trust to boost its depleted herd.

Farmer, Charlie Le Boutillier said: “I am massively grateful for the assistance the Trust provided.

"The speed at which they came through was amazing and really provided a huge boost at a time when things were very tough."

The new additions to the Woodlands Farm herd were obtained from other local dairy farmers.

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