Children in Guernsey able to receive single HPV vaccination instead of two

Children aged 12-13 will only need one HPV vaccine to be considered fully immunised rather than two from autumn 2023 Credit: ITV Channel

The dosage of the HPV vaccine given to children in Guernsey is set to change this autumn.

The human papillomavirus vaccine changed from two doses to a single one in the UK in June 2023.

Guernsey is following suit, meaning children aged 12-13 will only need one dose of the vaccine to be considered fully immunised, rather than two.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has been considering moving to one dose for several years and believes there is strong evidence that favours the decision.

Children who become eligible for the HPV vaccine this academic year will be the first cohort to only be given one dose instead of two. This will then become routine.

Those who have already received the one vaccine will be considered fully vaccinated and will not need their second dosage.

Parents or carers who provided consent for their child to be given two doses of the vaccine last year, will not receive the second vaccine as their child will be considered fully vaccinated.

These families will receive a letter outlining the changes.

From this year, the consent form received by parents will cover the single dose required.

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