Guernsey's top politicians make third attempt to introduce GST

Credit: ITV Channel

Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee will try to persuade States Members to approve plans to introduce a controversial Goods and Services Tax for a third time this week.

A four-day States meeting will see politicians debate plans to borrow £350 million and introduce the controversial tax to help make up a predicted annual shortfall of £100 million.

There are also plans to bring in tax and social security reforms aimed at helping those who are less wealthy on the island.

The Government Work Plan includes a list of projects and investments which total more than 650 million pounds.

The delay in tackling this list, which includes building new healthcare facilities and the secondary education campus at Les Ozouets, has seen costs rise.

A number of amendments have been put forward for the Funding and Investment Plan.

One suggested change is to avoid introducing GST and instead plug the shortfall with smaller tax rises, less spending and borrowing, and making more use of the island's reserves.

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