Wind farm 'capable of producing six times Jersey's power needs' planned off south west coast

ANGLIA 170222 offshore wind farm PA
Jersey's ministers have proposed building a 1,000 MW offshore wind farm, capable of generating six times the island's power needs. Credit: PA

A 1,000 MW offshore wind farm could be built off Jersey's south west coast, if politicians back proposals announced by the Environment Minister.

Deputy Jonathan Renouf told States Members the proposed development could produce six times the island's electricity needs, with the rest exported.

If approved, work designing and installing the wind farm will be put out to a private consortium.

The Minister said the chosen operator will also fund the project, leasing the seabed development site from the government.

A public consultation into the plans will take place and politicians will have to vote in favour of the principle of the project before it is given the green light.

Deputy Renouf told the States: "This is not a new idea, but we believe now is the time for Jersey to make its move and formally begin a process which could ultimately lead to the development of a wind farm in Jersey waters.

"The demand for clean energy is huge and offshore wind is now a mature, proven and price-competitive form of electricity generation. It all adds up to a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the island."

Deputy Jonathan Renouf announced the project in the States Assembly on Tuesday 17 October. Credit: ITV Channel

The Minister went on to say the offshore wind farm would allow Jersey to be self-sufficient, and reduce its energy demands on "volatile" external markets.

He said: "There are many potential environmental and economic benefits. Access to locally generated renewable energy can provide greater price stability for Islanders at a time when energy markets are volatile.

"It would also allow us to lock in for the long-term access to low-carbon energy, with income streams to fund Jersey’s transition to net zero emissions and other public services.

"Generating capacity at the levels we’re proposing is around six times Jersey’s current electricity demand, and around twice our requirement if all the energy needs of our current economy – including transport and home heating – were powered entirely by electricity. This means we can create new export opportunities as well."

A 14-week public consultation is due to begin in November, giving islanders a chance to have their say on the proposals and see mock-ups of the proposed wind farm.

If approved, the law allowing the development will be in place by the end of 2024 with a developer chosen in 2025.

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