Three proposed tax options scrapped by States Members in favour of individual votes

  • Roisin Gauson explains the proposed tax options while Peter Ferbrache and Lord Digby-Jones set out their thoughts on how Guernsey's future funding could look

In the first 20 minutes of Wednesday's States sitting, Guernsey politicians have narrowly voted to throw out the three proposed options for tax reform.

The Policy & Resources Committee had outlined three potential packages of measures for States members to choose from, but instead, the States will now vote for each of the individual proposed changes separately.

20 politicians voted in favour of Deputy Peter Roffey's calls to break down the options, while 19 voted against. Deputy Marc Leadbeater was not present for the vote.

Politicians could now potentially vote to raise revenue by bringing in GST without the proposed borrowing of £350 million which was previously bundled with it under P&R's original options.

States Members are pressing on and are currently considering an amendment from the President of Health and Social Care, Deputy Al Brouard, which would ensure the planned hospital modernisation project continues regardless of which funding model is eventually approved.

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