Armoured Land Rover worth £180,000 bought by Guernsey Police 'not used' once in 11 years

Guernsey Police bought the armoured Land Rover in 2012 for use in dangerous situations, but has never been used. Credit: Peter McDermott

An armoured Land Rover which cost Guernsey Police around £180,000 has not been used once in 11 years, the force has confirmed.

The vehicle was shipped to the island, which is known for its low crime rate, in 2012.

Bailiwick Law Enforcement says it is designed to be used in "high-risk" situations involving armed criminals.

In 2022, 2,070 crimes were reported to Guernsey Police.

Just one of those involved an armed suspect, who was carrying an air rifle.

Guernsey Police has defended the decision to purchase the vehicle more than a decade ago even though it is yet to be used.

A spokesperson for the force says it costs less than £200 a year to keep in good working order.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the force said: "The armoured landrover cost approximately £180,000 when it was originally purchased.

"Annually, it costs about £50 a year for mechanical parts and £140 a year of labour time and fuel. The armour must be recertified once every 10 years for a small cost."

It went on to say while the Land Rover "has not been used for its primary role" since it was purchased, it remains a "very valuable tool" for the force.

"If a scenario ever does arise where it is used if it just saves one life, it will have been more than worth the cost", the statement read.

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