Cost of living in Jersey continues to slowly rise, exceeding UK inflation rate at 10.1%

  • Alex Spiceley went to catch up with pensioner Dominique Sousa to see how she is coping with the high cost of living.

The cost of living in Jersey is continuing to rise, but not as quickly as it has previously.

The island's latest Retail Price Index has been published, revealing a 10.1% rise as of September 2023.

It means that £100 worth of goods or services when records began in June 2000 would cost around £227 today.

While the rate of inflation may have decreased slightly compared to three months earlier, in June 2023 it was 10.9%, and many islanders are still feeling the pinch.

Last year, ITV Channel spoke to pensioner Dominique Sousa who was struggling with the rising cost of living, one year on she says nothing has changed.

Due to soaring food prices, she tries to get by on just one meal a day.

RPI has started to decrease from its all-time high in January 2023, but prices only start dropping when it is less than 0%. Credit: Statistics Jersey

To starve off hunger she'll opt for a cup of tea or will try to sleep to forget about her rumbling stomach.

She said: "When I go to bed I say please god take me, don't let me wake up take me and I'll be happy."

"What's the point of being here suffering?"

The cost of living in Jersey still remains higher than in the UK.

Food and travel costs were one of the main drivers of the reduced inflation rate, despite the cost of most items still increasing.

Jersey's Consumer Council says more assistance is required for those in need.

The council has suggested solutions such as food vouchers and free bus fares on Saturdays to allow consumers to get into town to shop around for the lowest prices.

But, housing was found to be one of the largest factors behind inflation, largely driven by the increases in mortgage payments.

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