Guernsey's Chief Minister to seek early election after GST plans rejected again

Deputy Peter Ferbrache says the Policy & Resources Committee will seek an early election after GST plans were thrown out again. Credit: ITV Channel

An early general election could be called in Guernsey after the top committee's proposals to introduce a 5% Goods and Services Tax was rejected for the third time.

It comes after a four-day debate in the States to agree a plan to fund the bailiwick's public services going forward.

The Policy & Resources Committee insisted that introducing GST - similar to that already in place in Jersey - was the way forward.

But Deputies rejected their proposal by 24 to 15.

Guernsey's top politician, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, told BBC Radio Guernsey that an election could be called:

"We've got to be responsible. What we are going to seek to do is have an early election if the States so decides.

"We're at an impasse - whoever is 'in charge' if there is such a phrase in Guernsey politics which I don't think there is - is not able to do anything."

Speaking to ITV Channel on Saturday 21 October, Ferbrache added that the island needs an election so that "the people can decide" on how to "take the island forward".

Deputy Charles Parkinson, however, said that's not good enough: "We can't call an election until next June or July next year anyway and we can't just sit on our hands for nine months.

"Everything has been left up in the air and there has to be further developments from here".

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