Vote of no confidence in Guernsey’s top committee ‘very likely’ after GST defeat

  • Emma Volney reports...

ITV News has learnt that a vote of no confidence in Guernsey’s Policy and Resources Committee is now more likely than not after their plans to introduce a new Goods and Services Tax were defeated for the third time.

Their proposals were voted down 24 to 15 in the States on Friday (20 October) - with Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, now believing an early general election is the best way to end the impasse.

He said the island needs to go to the polls so that "the people can decide" on how to "take the island forward".

However, ITV News has been told that the majority of States Members do not support an early election, and are instead looking to bring forward a motion of no confidence as early as this week.

Deputy Charles Parkinson is publicly calling on P&R members to consider their positions.

He said: “They have shown no willingness to compromise or reach some kind of agreement with other groups in the Assembly.

“They’ve been banging on with their one tool in the box and it’s broken.”

In response, Deputy Ferbrache said P&R would announce details about their next steps “in the next 24 to 48 hours”.

Guernsey’s next general election is currently scheduled for 2025.

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